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Romanesque as a concept that covers huge areas in europe. It can be found in all  occidental-christian areas and raises up at the end of the 10th century from early christian, byzantine and antique architecture.

Romanesque is reflected to us in various christian churches in whole europe and leads us to a common european cultural inheritance. Architectonically seen the epoch of the early middle-ages breaks off the bycantine plan view and combines the bycantine ground plan with the ground plan of the christian cross.

Particularely striking in comparison with the antique are the massive towers, round archs (which can be noticed upon the 10-Euro-banknote), the fresques und figuring with ornamentations.

The fascination romanesque exercises to us, has been the motive for several projects that care about memory and preservation of romanesque buildings. These projects focus most of the times on regional aspects. is targeted to involve a brand new database with romanesque bulidings and to cover all romanesque destinations for providing a survey for in romanesque interested people.

We want to highlight here particularely that most of the times we speak about clerical bulidings and therefore want to ask for your adequate respect visiting these destinations. Our common history shall be preserved for further generations.


Our team has over 10 years of experience in providing romanesque informations especially about churches. We know what does it mean to create, organize and realize new projects in this touristic sector. We also know that it´s not an easy task to accord the dignity of romanesque bulidings with it´s recent church and municipal utilisation with a customer-orientated touristic destination development. But we also think that it´s worth to do so.

For us the romanesque buildings are the basis for our common european history. We have the dream to get approach to the curches, monastries, catsle complexes etc. for many people from many different countries to represent our common christian believe and to let them participate at the romanesque fascination.