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Project partners

Our aim for the romanesque-europe-project is to find more partners in europe.

We think that an entry in our romanesque database is a very attractive offer for the participating partners.

Partners can be in our opinion

  • parishs,
  • monastries,
  • castle complexes,
  • organiszers of medieval festivals, markets a.o.


Our project has also monetary targets because the programming and  system maintenance and even new projects need financial support. 





The ambassador system

The ambassador system is an idea which follows old traditions of the church and the faith medals. It shall perform the function of a mediator role and make the Europe-wide partner search easier.  

Romanesque ambassadors are people who go in cooperation with us to the country to win our idea of announcing and new partners there on the spot.

We have been able to two win further next to the German ambassador two, this one come from Poland and from France to date.

An ambassador should be powerful for the German or English language, because our Romanesque directory is provided in in german and english. And, if new partners let themselves be won, it will be necessary to write down the information on the database in german or english for our international customers. It will in addition be necessary to translate the texts in german and english. Broader languages are planned for a later phase of the project, what isn't the case for organizational and financial reasons at the present time yet.

It is provided that the national ambassadors are involved in the takings so that they get a reimbursement and are motivated for their costs and expenditure of work to recruit new partners in their working domain and to convince of our common idea.