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The romanesque-europe-database

The Romanesque Europe database is the central point of this domain!

You can find our database here.

Before you´ll have a look at the database in which some contributions are already published yet at first some explanations for the database as such.

Sie haben mit dieser Datenbank ein Werbeinstrument in der Hand, das besondere Vorteile für Sie als Nutzer bietet:

1. The database is built up so that you can apply as a destination or organization very easily.

2. You can change and enlarge your entries in the database very easily aftere successful regsitration by logging in with your log-in-data.

3. Due to the Google optimization of our database you can be sure that your destination is very easily traceable in the Internet from this time on.

4. A calendar of events makes it possible for you to enter your appointments and to get an additional advertising possibility for your events.

5. By our advertising activities we try to cause an additional distribution effect of this project and you can use our about 10-year experience with romanesque project. is customer oriented and this is also our database!

It shall bring in romanesque interested people to the registered destinations. Sie soll interessierte Menschen zu den eingetragenen Destinationen bringen. We would like to contribute that your events, your plants get additional visitors.

Before you regsiter here your name or destination like as a parish, organizer, owner and/or administrator of castle and cloister plants, you should make sure that you already have a mail address of your own.

If this isn't the case, you are welcome to book a mail address here. This service is already contained in the given costs of 50.00 euros (+16% VAT) annual fee. We would like to recommend this procedure since you receive a mail address under with that you can identify and document your membership as a partner still more considerably.

It is advisable if you still have some information of your presentation for entering your data directely after the registration procedure. It is of course up to you to enter these information any other time afterwards. 


So, let´s start!